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Akses Riau open opportunities for anyone who wants to promote products or online business by installing banner ads on this blog. In addition to running on this blog, your ad will also be shown on the official Instagram AksesRiau. For those who are interested, please select the banner slot try according to the advertisement on the blog following:


Ads Size


Able Slot

Post on Instagram

Right Sidebar

300 x 250

Rp 300.000,-



Right Sidebar 2

300 x 600

Rp 300.000,-



Top Post

300 x 250

Rp 400.000,-



Bottom Post

336 x 280

Rp 150.000,-



Blog stats:

  • 90% of blog visitors come from search engines.
  • The top traffic source comes from (Indonesia).
  • Get 5000-9000 visitors every day.
  • Alexa Rank can be viewed here.

Advertising Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any form of advertising is entirely the responsibility of the advertiser. Admin if in the future there is a problem with the creative.
  2. Ads do not contain SARA, Pornography, Gambling and Spamming.
  3. Creative created by advertiser.
  4. Ads in the form of scripts and images (JPG, PNG, and GIF).
  5. The ads use nofollow links.
  6. Substitution banner ads can only be done once a month.
  7. Ads will be delivered once payment has been confirmed.
  8. Ad duration of at least 1 month (30 days).
  9. Payment that has been made, can not be requested again.
  10. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

How to order an advertisement:

  1. Choose the type / name of the ad slot.
  2. Prepare the banner according to the selected banner size and save it in png, jpg, or gif format.
  3. Attach an ad URL (Destination link) and banner.
  4. Transfer the advertising fee according to the selected slot and the length of the display ad.
  5. Confirm the payment transactions of the advertisement by including photos or screenshots as proof of transfer.


For those of you who are interested in advertising on, please contact us on one of the following contacts:

Bank data:
Advertising costs are sent to:

Bank Name: BRI
Account Number: 7979-01-000846-53-1
Owner's Name: Gian Riyanto.

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